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I don’t think that enough marketers are making as much use of the Google search console as they probably should be. It’s also surprising that they don’t realize it can do much more than just fix website errors and act as a source for submitting a sitemap. For anyone who isn’t familiar with the term, Google Search Console (formally known as Google Webmaster Tools) is a compilation of tools and reporting metrics used by site owners and developers to analyze, monitor and optimize their websites.

The benefits of Google search console are many; here I’ve listed a few important uses if you’re looking to take advantage of them:

Keyword Information – You’ll get a list of keywords your website visitors typed into Google searches. This is a tremendous resource that can identify the keywords you should be using when updating your website.

Mobile Usability – With the mobile usability module under the search traffic section, you’ll be able to check if Google has detected any mobile-friendly errors with the website.

Broken Links – Fixing broken links is important as they are annoying for search engine users and can hurt your organic search rankings. The broken links error report from GSC helps you fix them.

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HTML Improvements – This tool provides feedback on any potential issues Google found when indexing your website, and identifies changes that can potentially increase your rankings in Google. Examples are possible problems with the title tag on your pages, meta description issues and pages containing non-indexible content.

Structured Data – This tool shows the structured data markup found on the webpage and is helpful in ensuring that the implemented structured data is all correct.

What’s new in GSC?

Google is rolling out their new search console with an updated UI, access of which was initially limited to select webmasters. The beta version will now be made available to all GSC users. Here are its potential new features:

  • New AMP tool with more detailed reporting
  • Filtered Brand & Homepage Searches
  • Year over Year data
  • New index coverage reports
  • Better notifications for issues

If you haven’t already, it’s time to get on the Google Search Console Train moving into 2018.

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