The One Thing That Harvey Weinstein Could Have Done to Prevent His Decline

Yes, this is my social media blog. And yes, I’m a guy in his thirties who lives in an ever changing and evolving world where masculinity has been placed into question and roles of men and women in society seem to be evolving daily and in a state of perpetual tension day in and day out.

A lot of the time I admit I scoff at some of the crap I read on t

he internet, primarily because an article is written with a specific agenda in mind, and the reality of the position of the writer shines far more brightly than the substance of the words contained within it.

But a guy like Harvey Weinstein is the problem with certain men in society today. Obnoxious, disgusting, power hungry and above retribution or remorse for a myriad of less than reputable and potentially harassing acts. So long as he can get away with it, he doesn’t care.

Except that he can’t get away with it anymore, and handshakes with the likes of political leaders is not enough to save Jack from tumbling down his corrupt, money laden hill into the cesspool of his own intrinsic making.

We as adults have a choice; a choice to act with a sense of respect and dignity during our interactions with others, a choice to hold open a door, to listen to others before opening our mouths, and a choice to flat out decide that despite whatever position we may find ourselves, we are not going to demean, degrade, push down or humiliate others just because we believe we can.

It’s about time Hollywood started heeding some of these standards and climbing out of the swamp of its own demise.

Oh, and the one thing that Harvey Weinstein could have done to save himself just a modicum of self-respect?


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