Is Instagram Direct Messaging the Future of B2B and B2C Marketing?

Lately a lot is said about the benefits of running those hyper-targeted Facebook advertisement campaigns. Heck, we at VIP Social run them all the time for our clients, and consistently see terrific results with a small budget for ad spend.

But lately we’ve been having a lot of success with a subset of another awesome social media platform- Instagram’s Direct Messaging option. The coolest part about it? It’s absolutely, unequivocally (for now), 100% free.

Instagram Direct Messaging allows you to communicate with an Instagram member simply by clicking the “message” button next to the user’s profile photo. All you have to do is follow the member you wish to message. If their profile is public, you’ll have immediately gained access to sending them a message. If the account is private, you’ll have to first wait and see if they accept your follow request.

The beauty of Instagram Direct Messaging is that you can create a pool of prospective targets simply by focusing on keywords associated with your niche. For example, if you’re a burger joint in midtown Manhattan and want to get the word out about Wednesday’s 2 for 1 Burger and Beer Special, you can search for hashtags relevant to your niche, such as “#burgerNY,” “#foodienyc” or even “#Bestburgerintown” (if you’re a national chain). Take a look at the pages that come up and look at the followers of these pages. Find the profiles that fit the demographic and location of your target audience. Send them a Direct Message with a polite introduction and inform them about the promotion. Include a special Instagram code they should use in order to get the free meal or drinks! This way, you’ll know that the Instagram DM is responsible for bringing in the business.

The same goes for medicine. A plastic surgeon in Miami might run a “people” search of competing surgeons in their City or State who perform similar, though perhaps not identical, services. Take a look at their followers and come up with a strategy to direct message them with a promotional offer for free injections, or consider collecting an email address in exchange for a chance to win a free rhinoplasty.

Obviously, the examples above just begin to scratch the surface of what is possible through Instagram Direct Messaging, but you can see how coming up with a targeted, thoughtful DM campaign can immediately connect you with prospective buyers/users of your product or service. In our overwhelmingly social digital age, Instagram DM’ing is an excellent, free way to connect with a niche specific target audience.

Ross Pitcoff, Esq. is the President, Founder and General Counsel of VIP Social, a New York City based Social Media Marketing Agency with a National reach.

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